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The Counseling Center

Welcome to the Counseling Center at Stella Maris. We are Maryland’s premier resource and counseling center for bereavement services. Our center provides therapeutic counseling with compassion in a comfortable environment. We support persons encountering grief, adjusting to loss, in need of bereavement care, as well as seeking support while facing an anticipated loss. The stellar reputation of the Counseling Center staff is built on more than 25 years of specialized counseling offered by an expert staff of highly trained clinicians helping families and friends deal with the loss of someone they love. Our mission is to help people understand grief; learn how to deal with loss, and guide individuals into and through the grieving process. The outcome: a readiness to step back into the fullness of life knowing life has changed but love remains.

The Counseling Center counselors work with adults, children, and teens one-on-one and in groups as a family unit or member of an adult bereavement group for loss of spouse/significant other, parent, sibling, loved one, child and sudden loss.

As a resource center, we partner with those in the community who are often faced with the effects of grief – physicians, social workers and therapists, clergy, school counselors, nurses, healers, senior care centers, and other professionals. Education, talks, workshop presentations, and in-service training are available to these groups. More importantly, we are a resource to which professionals may direct persons requiring help with the grieving process. For more information on community outreach services, call at 410-252-4500 x7291 or email jkrupsaw@stellamarisinc.com.


First month after loss of loved one:

Grief IS/Grief is Not
Dealing with Grief

Second to Fourth months after loss of loved one:

Food for Grief’s Journey
Grief Bibliography

Six months after loss of loved one:

Taking Time to Heal

Nine months after loss of loved one:

Stress Survival Suggestions
14 Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Healing

Bereavement Education

The Stella Maris Hospice Bereavement Services provides services to the identified bereaved of hospice patients. Bereavement services begin at the time of a patient’s admission to the Stella Maris Hospice program. Services are provided as needed for 13 months following the death of each Stella Maris Hospice patient. Bereavement services may included mailings, telephone calls, individual counseling, and group counseling.

Memorial services are held three times a year, during which time all patients who have died in the previous four months are remembered.  Family members from all programs are invited to attend an appropriate service of their choice.

Individual & Family Counseling

The Counseling Center offers short-term individual grief support counseling as well as family counseling for anyone experiencing difficulty grieving the loss of a family member or someone special. The professionals  at the Counseling Center pledge our commitment to those who mourn to help clients understand the process of grief and to extend warm and nourishing support in order to enhance healing and readjustment. If further support is needed, follow-up referrals and resources will be offered.

We extend our healing services to our community family, offering 50 minute counseling sessions for the reduced rate of $60 per session. As a non-profit, insurance is not accepted. For more information on counseling, call 410-252-4500 x7291 or click here to register online.

Child Bereavement Sessions

Children and teens grieve too. Because they are still developing, the journey through grief for children and teens can be especially difficult. Too often, the mourning of children and teens goes unacknowledged, which can complicate their grief and interfere with their development. The Counseling Center provides a specialized curriculum designed and facilitated by professionally educated and trained counselors to meet the unique needs of grieving children of different age groups. Our goal is to teach children about change, loss, grief, acceptance and transformation. Our camps and groups help children to discover: they are not alone, their feelings are normal, talking heals and enhances memories. The children and teens leave feeling understood and better equipped to live life in full color. Individual counseling and family counseling is also available for youth.